Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a villa for my holiday?

In our site, you will find selections of villas with prices that vary depending on the location of each villa, the number of people it can accommodate and the period, during which you want to take your vacation. Take a look at the available properties to find the one that suits you.

How many days can I rent a villa for?

Our villas are available for a minimum of 7 overnights. In some specific cases and seasons they may also be available for a minimum of 4 overnights. Please check the minimum availability period per residence.

What is included in the price of the villa?

The price includes the rent for accommodation in the villa, electrical power and water that may be consumed, Wi Fi where available, cleaning services for the premises and bedding as well as bath towels (not for the beach) in accordance with the terms of agreement for each house. The villas have full kitchen and cutlery equipment. For the winter months, please check any heating costs and provision of timber for each home.

Is there any breakfast or other meals served?

Prices do not include breakfast or other meals. You will have a fully equipment kitchen available to prepare your meals. Alternatively and on request, it is possible to provide you with catering or the services of a personal chef and cook to satisfy your every culinary wish (please check the extra cost of this feature for each house).

How often does the villa gets cleaned?

You will receive a spotless clean villa and our staff will clean the villa and change your sheets and towels every 3 days. You can order more frequent cleaning on request at an extra charges to meet your needs.

How many people can each villa accommodate? Can I bring any extra guests?

Each villa can be used by a specific number of people. Accommodating more people should have been agreed in advance. Check the number of beds available in each house. You will be charged extra for any additional person.

Are pets allowed in the villas?

You must inform us in advance for your pet and you will receive a written permission by the owner. In any case you should have all the necessary health certificates. Also, for their own safety, you need to keep them constantly under your supervision, as well as to care for any accommodation equipment that your pet may need. Any damage inside the villas or the surrounding area shall be charged separately depending on the size of damage/loss.

What kind of equipment do the villas have?

The villas are fully equipped with furniture, decorations, paintings, settings, serving dishes, linens, towels and anything you may need to feel at home.  For more detailed information please see the page of the property, where its equipment is described in detail.

What is the procedure for the reservation?

The reservation procedures takes place entirely online and via our site. You should select the property and the days of your stay and also fill in any other details requested or anything you would like provided to you. To proceed with the booking you need to have read and confirmed the reservation terms and conditions. You should also pay directly an amount equal to 40% of the total cost as a deposit with one of the proposed ways of payment. You will then receive an official confirmation of your reservation. To complete your reservation, you will have to pay the total amount of your stay 30 days prior to the expected date of arrival, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

How can I cancel my reservation?

If you wish to cancel your reservation up to 15 days after the booking date, you can do so for free.
If you wish to cancel your reservation up to 60 days prior to your expected arrival, then 50% of your deposit will be refunded to you.
If you wish to cancel your reservation up to 30 days prior to your expected arrival, then the deposit is not refunded.

In case of cancellation after 30 days or in case of no-show upon check-in, then the entire amount of rent is not refundable.

What is a guarantee? When is it returned?

In order for your reservation to be valid, you should deposit 10% of the total rental amount, when paying the total amount, 30 days prior to your arrival, as a guarantee for wear or damage that may arise during your stay. This amount will be refunded, if no damages are detected to the property, 15 days after your departure. If the cost of damages is greater than the amount of guarantee, the company will require you to cover it entirely.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Our villas are available for check-in at 14:00 on your arrival day. It is essential that you inform us of any special cases of delayed arrival e.g. airline or ship schedules, partial disease etc.
Check-out time from the property is at 11:00pm, in order to get it completely cleaned and surrender it to the next tenants. If you wish to stay longer for a few hours/ days, you need to inform us promptly and this is subject to availability and additional charge.

How do I find the villa? Are transfers included in the price?

Once it is confirmed that you have fully paid for your stay, we will send you detailed information about the property and your stay there, as well as driving directions. These instructions include the name and telephone number of the contact person that will deliver the property to you. He will contact you promptly and will arrange you to meet at the most convenient point.
Your transfer to and from the property is not included in the price. We would be glad to take care of your transfers by any means, if you promptly notify us that you wish so.

Who do I contact for any problem that may arise?

Our people will be at your disposal to solve any issue that may arise. You will have the opportunity to talk to the contact person for the property or your location via mobile phone or e-mail. Otherwise, on working days and hours at our office telephone number.

Is smoking allowed in the villas?

Smoking is not allowed indoors. You can smoke only outdoors taking the necessary precautions not to cause a fire in a garden or the outdoor area or not to damage any furniture etc. objects. Please keep in mind that during the summer months in Greece, weather conditions favour the starting of fires in plants and forests and we should be especially careful with using any kind of fire outdoors.

Do you provide VIP services?

We offer a variety of services to make your holidays comfortable and unforgettable. Transfers, car, boat, helicopter rental, guide, chef, cook, baby sitter, personal trainer and anything you might be interested in, we can provide it by sending you a relevant quotation. Do not hesitate to ask us at the villa reservation form.