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The “low profile” star of the Aegean 

Sparkling with natural beauty and distinctive Cycladic color, Antiparos combines diverse elements that justify its fame as the secret holiday paradise of the Aegean. Wonderful beaches, short distances and a forgotten era breeze, are just a few of what will fascinate you in the little… nymph of the Aegean. It was once an alternative shelter of “few and good”. In recent decades, however, it has been declared the ultimate hippie and chic destination. When you disembark at the picturesque harbor of Antiparos, an enchanting aura will seduce you.

White houses with blue brush strokes, paved alleys with bougainvillea and eucalyptus and an overwhelming atmosphere of optimism and positive vibes will welcome you. Its warm character, the picturesque Castle where the famous Greek movie “Mandalena” was shot, the impressive Cave and the scattered beauties, invite you to discover this small but miraculous island. Enjoy the carefree lifestyle, with its clear, bright atmosphere and customs harking back to simple, unpretentious ways. Numbered among its many fans is the Hollywood star, Tom Hanks, who has chosen it as his ideal summer getaway.

What to see

DespotikoIt is located to the south west of Antiparos and has some nice sandy beaches. Ancient cemeteries, swords, golden jewelry, small statues and pieces of ceramics have been found there. Today it can be reached by tour boat from Antiparos/Paros and is very popular for its exotic beaches and calm ambience. As you enjoy your swim, the past is being slowly unearthed nearby. Archaeological excavations of the ancient temple of Apollo and Artemis gradually reveal more and more, bringing long-forgotten mysteries to the sparkling Aegean daylight.

The caveThe cave of Antiparos is situated on the southeastern side on the hill of Agios loannis at the height of 177 meters above sea level and is well known all over the world as possibly the oldest cave in Greece. Having descended the 411 steps to its entrance, you’ll be awestruck by the sheer artistry of nature on view within. Your descent to the depths of the earth will be etched on your memory for ever more.

The Venetian Castle (Kastro) The main hamlet on the island is an architectural marvel, as the two-storey houses themselves form the walls of a fortress. This is a typical example of Venetian style fortification, behind which are enchanting neighborhoods and their local churches. The entrance to the castle is situated next to the metropolis of Agios Nikolaos.

The Folklore Museum In the old castle of Antiparos you will find the Folklore Collection of Community Business, in which there are old objects, specimens from Cycladic figurines, traditional uniforms of Antiparos and photographs from the excavation of Despotiko.

St. Marina Festival The municipality of Antiparos organises the Agia Marina Summer Festival every year on July 17th. The celebrations last 4 days and there are sports and cultural events open to everyone. The visitors of the island can enjoy traditional music and the resurgence of the island’s culture.

Best beaches: white sands and turquoise waters

Antiparos beaches are known for their clean water and the peaceful environment. The transparent water invites you for a swim any time of the day.

Psaraliki: The sandy beach of Psaraliki actually consists of two beaches, which share a long sandy coastline and crystal water. The beach in front of the Camping is very close to Chora. Long and clean, it gets very busy in summer.

Agios Spiridonas : The sandy beach of Agios Spyridonas is the closest to the port, just a walking distance from Chora.

Epitafios : It’s a white sandy beach with emerald waters and imposing white cliffs located on the southern sife of the island. The beach is accessible only by boat from the harbour of Agios Georgios.

Faneromeni : It’s scenic beach with crystal waters, located on the southern side of the island, ideal for those looking a quiet place to relax.

Monastiria : Monastiria consists from two sandy and pebbled beaches with emerald waters located on the western side. The beaches are secluded ideal for those looking to avoid the crowds.

Glifa: Close to the road are two beautiful beaches which except for at the height of the summer are usually deserted. These are ‘natural’ beaches so remember to take anything you’re going to need with you.

Apandima : This is where the boat used to dock for Antiparos’s famous cave before the road was completed. Backed by a renowned restaurant, this is a lovely cove, its’ beach, pebbly rather than sandy but it does enjoy protection from winds both north and south.


HikingThere are many paths in Antiparos where you can walk and enjoy the natural beauty of the island. Spring scenery around is beautiful, and the slopes are full of blooming flowers, the summer will be enchanted scents of the bushes.

Yachting: Due to its location in the middle of the Aegean Sea, the island is ideal for sailing as well as the access to many beautiful neighboring islands is easy and fast.

Surfing: Antiparos has a leading position in the preferences of the fanatical type. There are schools organized in several beaches, where you can enjoy your favorite sport.

Diving: Antiparos has a beautiful seabed with rich flora, many species of fish, dolphins, caves, scenic beauty wrecks which you will be able to see and not stop shooting.

Fishing : Calm your body and spirit and admire unique landscapes by indulging in your favorite hobby.

Canoe & Kayak: Unique routes, beautiful lakes and exploration of narrow passes are just a few of what you will discover.


Antiparos will respond perfectly to your appetites and will fully satisfy all kind of tastes. It produces many fine products such as fresh fish, wild boar, wine and the famous xynomyzithra, while in recent years has enhanced its tasty map with special culinary addresses. Taste the local specialties accompanied by the local drink tsikoudia, watch cultural events and travel to innocent times by listening to or dancing the famous “balo”.

Lollo’s: The famous pizzeria of the island, which has the reputation of serving the most beautiful pizza in Greece. It was opened by a couple of Italians some summers ago and suddenly became a must. Pizza with authentic Italian air and fine dough, gourmet salads and delicious pasta are some of the highlights of the menu.

Tavern “Giorgis”: Its tables cover both the right and left part of the village road, making locals and tourists flocking for a homemade dish.

Tavern “Pipinos”: While hanging octopuses from outside, you will see that you’ve reached the right place. They are not part of the decor: like the rest of the seafood, they are real, fresh and combined with fried potatoes and greens. Everything overlooks the bay of Despotiko.

Beach House: Modest beach resto-bar in an idyllic spot on the beach, ideal for relaxing or for special evenings. At noon it is crowded, but in the evening the setting becomes extremely romantic.

Claire de Lune: An all-white courtyard dressed in white that serves famous specialties of classic French cuisine.

Soul Sugar: If you have the mood for a relaxing cocktail on a hot summer evening, here you will undoubtedly find your new hangout.

Disco “La Luna”: Perhaps the most legendary disco of the Aegean. A drink here for closing your evening is necessary with the sounds of unforgettable 80s musical choices.

Cinema “Oliaros” : A historic summer cinema for cinema fans who want to enjoy a movie under the stars.

Boogaloo: Super cocktails and eclectic atmosphere at a special bar of the island…


The easiest way to get to Antiparos is by ferry boat from the port of Punta of Paros, which takes about 10 minutes and accepts your car or motorcycle. The ticket costs 1€ and the car costs 7€. Alternatively, you can take the boat you will find in the port of Parikia. However, the journey lasts 25 minutes but the routes are not so frequent. Paros is located in the center of the Cyclades. Due to the geographical location of the island, there are daily routes to and from other islands, especially during summer months. You can arrive by ferry boats departing from the capital, both from Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion.

If you arrive by ferry boat from Piraeus port, the route takes about 5 hours, while high speed, departing from Piraeus, the itinerary takes about three hours. Paros is also connected to the following islands: Naxos, Santorini, Syros, Amorgos, Kythnos, Samos, Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Santorini, Anafi, Donoussa Astypalea. From Rafina departing ships of Sea Jets and Hellenic Seaways to Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos. Paros is also an intermediate station on the route Heraklion, Ios, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, Tinos, Skopelos, Skiathos and Thessaloniki. You can reach Paros by plane from Athens and Thessaloniki. The charter flights from abroad to the new Paros airport, unveiled in early summer of 2017.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.