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The “seductress queen” of the North

Exotic beaches with turquoise waters, traditional villages, isolated mountains, pine forests, green paths, cosmopolitan beach bars and deserted beaches. The region will enchant you with its multifaceted personality and make you want to return again. Get ready to succumb to the charms of its three beautiful ‘feet’: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. The first two don’t discriminate, but the third is off limits to women, as the home to the famous monastic state, Mount Athos. A microcosm of miracles. Explore it with all your senses…

What to see

 Kassandra peninsula

On the first peninsula- Greeks call it “leg”- the one closest at hand, everything seems to be, and actually is, more structured. According to Greek mythology, this place was the home of the Giants, where the first battle between them and the gods of Olympus took place.

Golden sandy beaches, indented coastlines, crystal clear waters, stunning natural beauty and traditional villages with houses based on Macedonian architecture, compose the area.

Wandering the most picturesque villages

The traditional Afitos

Cobblestones, restoration projects, museums. Its charm will take you back to village life, as it was years ago. The taverns and cafes are in a prime location offering breathtaking views.

The cosmopolitan Kallithea

During the summer months, Kallithea is the most popular village in Halkidiki. The name of Kallithea is about the beautiful location where the village is located and its amazing view. Actually it is surrounded by a pine forest. On the bottom side of the main road at the end of the hill, in the beach of Kallithea, you will find beach bars where wild parties take place all day long.

The Potidaia Canal

In ancient times the village of Nea Potidaia was known as the gateway to Kassandra. Today, it has infinite suggestions for dining and entertainment along the coast for romantic walks. The canal marks the start of a great story: it was begun by King Kassander of Macedonia to facilitate navigation and protect Thessaloniki.

 The graphic Nea Fokaia

A picturesque harbor with many restaurants and cafes along the waterfront, ideal for your relaxing moments. Do not forget to visit the Tower and the sanctification of St. Paul, where was one of the headquarters of the revolution of 1821. It was built in 1407 on a hill and reaches 17 m. in height.

The beautiful Kriopigi

A seaside village which is built on a hill full of pine trees over Toroneos Gulf. There you will enjoy scenic walks in nature and admire lovely stone houses.

The hill of Sani (The Sani Festival)

Enjoy a unique holiday experience with the view of the mountain of ancient gods, Mount Olympus. Admire the Tower, whose construction dates back to 1543 which has been preserved in very good condition. Every year on the hill (since 1982), around the Tower, during the summer months, takes place the famous Sani Festival which brings together artists from all around the world.

 Sithonia peninsula

Sithonia is the second “leg” of Halkidiki. According to legend, its name comes from the king of Macedonia Sithonas, who was the son of Poseidon. The long sandy beaches and turquoise waters will enchant you at once and so the wonderful natural landscape with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea.


Neos Marmaras

The most cosmopolitan village in Sithonia. A walk along the pine-clad path that unwinds next to the sea, gives the visitor a unique amphitheatrical view of the area and the uninhabited island of Kelyfos (Shell), just opposite, shaped like a tortoise.

Drop anchor in Porto Koufos

A secret harbor through an opening just 300m wide. This is the ancient Toronaios port, mentioned by Thucydides as the largest and most secure port in Ancient Greece. It was nicknamed the “deaf port” because you cannot hear the sea if you stand inside the gulf.

 The charm of Vourvourou

A region that offers sea with characteristics of a lake, a mountain covered with thick forests and nine unique islands, visible from the beach! There you can see the clearest and most aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean and at the same time discover the most isolated beaches of Halkidiki.

Mt. Athos peninsula

The third “leg” in the eastern part of Halkidiki. It is the only place in Greece that is completely dedicated to prayer and worship of God. For this reason, it is called the Holy Mount. The natural beauty of the peninsula is extraordinary. The highest point of Mount Athos is like a huge cone, reaching 2033 meters in height. The most developed tourist areas of the peninsula is Ouranoupoli, the gateway to the peninsula from the mainland, the island of Ammouliani and Nea Roda.

Must experiences

Visit Mount Athos (Agion Oros)

A visit to Mount Athos, also called Agion Oros (Holy Mountain), is, for most a life experience. Agion Oros is a unique male monastic society and an UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been a secluded place, accessed from the sea and allowed to men only, for more than 1000 years. It remains the only place where the visitor can experience life as it was during the times of the Byzantine Empire. Women are banned from this place, so one fine proposal is to circumnavigating Mount Athos, an experience that will be unforgettable.

 Ammouliani island

An island paradise in Halkidiki! Boat tours seem to be the big thing here, so you can visit the Drenia Islands. The beaches on Ammouliani vary from large sandy stretches of sand open to the sea with plenty of waves, to small hidden coves and still waters good for swimming.

The birthplace of Aristotle

Visit Ancient Stagira, the place where the famous ancient Greek philosopher was born. Today the village, built along a beautiful beach, is stretched in the recess of a natural harbor. It is surrounded by lush mountains and beautiful beaches in a great combination, which attracts many visitors. Each summer also, on celebration of the patron Saint Kyriaki, there are organized cultural and artistic events, with subjects of the life and work of the great philosopher Aristotle.

Hidden “treasures”

Petralona Cave

The cave of Petralona “embellished” with stalagmites and stalactites is located in the west foot of the Katsika (Goat) mountain and in an altitude of about 300 meters from the level of sea. It is one of the most beautiful caves in Europe and, of course, the most impressive sights of the area and a true miracle of nature. Here, hidden among the stalagmites, the skull of an Archanthrapus (700,000 years old) was discovered.


A picturesque village found on the Mountain of Holomontas, which can survive at these winter conditions -low temperature, is the agriculture of Christmas trees, which are planted by seed in its fields, (trees are not cut from the forest). The Holy Temple of Archangel Michael, Taxiarchis, Halkidiki – The Miraculous Icon of Archangel MichaelExcept the big festival of our Holy Temple, it deserves to mention also the other festively celebrated events which are: A)The festival of chapels (in four of them: Saint Panteleimonas, Saint Paraskevi, Saint Nikolaos (“Anakomidi” of Holy Relic, “20 May” and Saint Christoforos where the traditional “Kourmpani” “offer of food” takes place) B) The Feast “The miracle of Archangel Michael” (6 September) and C) “The Icons”.

The most exotic beaches

Agios Ioannis (Sithonia)

The beach is located in Sithonia, close to Nikiti and is one of the most organized and best-known beaches. It has turquoise waters and white sand that will impress you at once.

Chrouso (Kassandra­)

Featuring a long stretch of sand and transparent shallow waters, Chrouso beach is a must-see for visitors to Kassandra peninsula. Rich vegetation provides a shade during the daytime heat, and sunbeds and parasols for rent are available. You can also have a drink in the nearby beach bar and enjoy a couple of water sports.

Kavourotripes (Sithonia)

Turquoise waters, white rock hills permeated with greenery and soft sand are main features of this hidden paradise near Sarti. The beach can be accessed only on foot, but its huge advantage compared to other nearby beaches is that it’s much less crowded.

Posidi (Kassandra)

Posidi beach can be found at the southwestern tip of Kassandra, featuring 2-kilometer long sandy beach and crystal clear waters. If you wish to spend some romantic moments at sunset, the beach is a perfect choice since it never gets crowded.

Karydi (Sithonia)

The most exotic beach in Vourvourou of Sithonia, that will make you believe you are somehow landed somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. The beach can be accessed by car and natural shade is plentiful. Soft white sand and turquoise waters are just marvelous…

Alykes (Ammouliani)

Awarded with the Blue Flag, Alykes beach of Ammouliani island, features exceptionally clear waters, white sand and numerous facilities. Its turquoise waters contrast with greenery that flanks this crescent moon shaped paradise.

Trani Ammouda (Sithonia)

Facing Mount Athos on the opposite side of the bay, Trani Ammouda is the largest and among the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia. Soft white sand, turquoise waters and romantic ruins of a one-time tower make the beach irresistible.

Elia (Sithonia)

Another crystal aquamarine haven, with a long beach of about four meters long. Shallow dives and thick sand await you in an organized package with beach bars.


Thermal baths

Agia Paraskevi thermal baths are 25kms away from Kallithea in Kassandra, with modern amenities (piscine, spa, sauna). The natural water temperature is 37,5 – 39 degrees Celsius and is ideal for the cure of numerous illnesses like arthritis, neck pain, etc.

Romantic cruise

The beautiful bay of Toroni is located between the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia. It is known for its crystal blue waters and spectacular views on the coasts of the two peninsulas. Among the Toroneos gulf, you will admire the “island” of Halkidiki, called the “Shell”.


Halkidiki has a very nice bottom with rich flora, many species of fish, caves, wrecks of rare beauty that you will be able to see up close and do not stop shooting.


There are many hiking trails and picturesque villages where you can stroll and enjoy the natural beauty of the place, but also countless hiking through lush fir forests, which are worth visiting.


There are many possibilities to go sailing, and rented boats of all sizes and will find yatching club, thus managing to find beaches that are accessible only by sea.


A great solution to discover trails, paths and roads that otherwise you could not go…

 Canoe Kayak

Experience the fascination of this sport to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment and the ultimate sense of freedom, exploring the area on … paddle.

Water Activities

Halkidiki is the ideal place to discover by boat, inflatable or sailing, having countless unknown beaches of immense beauty.


Strong wind properly oriented beaches and mainly big wave invite you and cause to indulge in extreme sports.


The calm waters of the area will relax you and make you enjoy your favorite hobby.


The region is famous for its honey, raki (as Greeks call it) with honey (mountovina), the Holomontas potatoes, mushrooms, local sweets and the blessed wine from the vineyards of the monks of Mount Athos. From pastries, you can try the famous loukoumades (Greek donuts with honey), the almond flowers Ammouliani or the portokalopita (Greek orange filo cake).

Ta Kymata Seafood Restaurant (Sithonia)

For many years the locals swear to its fresh fish offered, as well as the wide variety of seafood and salads. Located in the New Marmaras area with tables literally on the beach.

Kamares (Ouranoupoli)

With a striking glass floor, magnificent local and international gourmet, the Eagles Palace hotel restaurant offers unique culinary experiences that will thrill you.

Gorgona (Sithonia)

On the beach of Vourvourou, you will taste traditional Greek dishes and fresh fish, by overlooking the sea.

The Anthoulas Square Restaurant (Kriopigi)

In a small square of Kriopigi, in an old mansion, you will taste delicious traditional Greek dishes. A must taste is the spinach with minced meat, the stuffed chicken with sour cream cheese and pomegranate and the famous portokalopita.

Boukadoura (Sithonia)

Set in ancient cellar in the area of ​​Nikiti, situated on the beach with amazing views. Start with cuttlefish sauce with eggplant and continue with cod with onions and raisins.

 Diamantis (Kassandra)

A historical tavern from 1938, which is an essential stop on the beach of Siviri for fresh fish. Try red snapper, octopus, grilled sea bream, and the local midopilafo (mussel pilaf).

Spitaki cocktail bar (Kassandra)

One of the most famous open air places in Halkidiki, located in the famous area of Kallithea. Insular aesthetics and romantic atmosphere promise you unforgettable summer evenings.

EAT7 – Oinochoe wine bar

If you are lovers of fine wine, then this wine bar will become your haunt. Located in the heart of the village Afitos, before turned into a sophisticated wine bar-restaurant, hiding the space of the small treasures of the past.

Molos Seaside Cafe Bar (Sithonia)

One of the most atmospheric and famous cafe- bars in Neos Marmaras. The white color creates a Cycladic atmosphere, while the beautiful terrace will give you the feeling of being totally in the water.


The main access for Halkidiki is Thessaloniki, which can be reached by plane, train, car or boat. One also nearby port with frequent ferries is the port of Kavala. The nearest airport is Thessaloniki’s Macedonia Airport, where you can come through international charter flights, or first arrive in Athens at the “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport and then go to Thessaloniki. If you decide to come by train, first you need to get to Thessaloniki and from there to go anywhere you want in Halkidiki.



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