Kea (Tzia)

Kea (Tzia)

Things to do - general


Cosmopolitan and low profile


Just a stone’s throw from Athens, in the Cyclades, this cosmopolitan island will captivate you with its unbridled beauty. Those that know the island – whether as Tzia or its alternatives Kea, Gia or Zea – claim that it’s a friendly, accessible, but also an alternative island. This is the “gate of the Cyclades”, offering an ancient crossroad of culture in the Aegean Sea, with numerous natural attractions, rich traditions and authentic hospitality. You will discover beaches, old churches, Hellenistic towers, watermills and windmills. Trek its trails all the way to Ancient Greece. Ioulida, Korissia, Poiessa, Karthaia. Four ancient cities on just one island where, according to mythology, the nymphs first lived. Explore the shipwrecks and go off-roading on the wild terrain. The main town of Kea is Ioulida (or Ioulis), a beautiful traditional settlement built on the side of a hill, with a Venetian castle from the 13th century dominating on the top will attract you from the beginning.



The famous lion that locals call Lionta is the emblem of Kea. This is a statue of the Archaic period, carved in the rock, known by local legends.

Archaeology Museum of Kea

It is one of the most important of its kind at the Cyclades, thanks to remarkable prehistoric exhibits, sculptures, coins and inscriptions to prehistoric exhibits.


Under Mylopotamos there are the famous 11 mills operating in Gia until the 1950s, as they are in a green part of the island which is one of the most beautiful.

-Town Hall

Kea is housed in a neoclassical building of 1902 which is a work of the famous architect Ernst Ziller. Besides its architectural worth and internal decoration, at the top of the facade is dominated by clay statues of Apollo and Hermes.

-Ancient Karthaia

It is the largest archaeological site in Kea. Here you can see the ruins of the temple of Athena, built around 500 BC and two Doric temples located in the southern part of the citadel. It is assumed that over the sea was built the temple of Apollo.

-Ancient Tower of Agia Marina

Agia Marina is in turn one of the most important monuments of the island. The tower stands out from afar thanks to its reddish color.


-Hikes and old stone-paved paths in Kea

There is a path network of ancient trails still there till nowadays. The total length of the trails is about 35 km, and over 60% includes stone-paved paths. These renowned old paths of Kea (Tzia) are ideal for hiking and relaxation in nature.

-Water Activities

If you love water sports you may enjoy water skiing, surfing and take joy in engaging in other water games at Koundourou beach.

-Scuba Diving Courses

Kea is a unique destination for diving enthusiasts. All sea exploration lovers are invited to Ammos Café ~ Beach Bar & Restaurant on Korissia beach so we may organize diving courses.

Εxplore unique beaches

-Psili Ammos

A little beach with beautiful fine sand. Ιfyou want to find your lost privacy, it is a very good choice.


A beach covered with sand and pebbles. Its easy access to the beach bars, makes it the first choice for mainstream visitors.


A quiet and large beautiful sandy beach. It has everything you need within walking distance.


The beach at the port of Korissia is sandy with clear and calm water, thanks to a secluded bay. Access is easy, there are umbrellas and the view is excellent.


For those who want to isolate, here they will find their favorite beach. Sand and azure waters, promises to make you feel like castaways since the beach is not organized.


One of the most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters. It is covered with sand and pebbles, while it’s quiet because of the difficult access.


The largest beach in Kea, which is situated on the north side of the island. Organized family beach with many taverns, suitable for those with small children.


The “paspalas” (pork with eggs and tomatoes) is one of the traditional recipes of the island that you can try. You must not forget to taste the famous “melitzanoryzo” and various local pies, as also the local mavroudi wine. Another local famous dish is the lobster pasta.


A timeless tavern at Vourkari since 1977, known for its fresh fish and lobster pasta.

-Mimi’s turn

if you want to enjoy fresh fish on the beach, then this is a tavern for you. Located in Vourkaridefinitely worths a visit because of the good quality and the spectacular view.

-The Tavern of Anna

One of the oldest taverns featuring amazingly cooked and located in Otzias region.


If you to eat a candy, the solution is a visit to Jimmy’s pastry shop in the port of Korissia. You will taste original recipes and local sweets and specialties is the traditional rice pudding. –


A bar in Vourkari mainly with mainstream sounds for… clubbing.

Zeus Faber

An atmospheric bar that offers early coffee and fine cocktails until late in the evening, where you can enjoy the large terrace overlooking the sea.


Kea is located very close to Athens and its access is easy. The ferry boat to Kea departs only from the port of Lavrion and the trip is only one hour. There is no airport in Kea but the international airport of Athens is very close and receives frequent domestic and international flights all year round. There are no ferries to Kea from other ports of Attica, such as Piraeus or Rafina. In summer, ferries also connect Kea to few other islands of Cyclades, such as Kythnos and Syros, which gives visitors the chance to combine holidays in many Greek islands.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.