Porto Heli

Porto Heli

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The cosmopolitan “Greek Riviera” 


Porto Heli, the so called “Greek Riviera” has it all: lacy beaches and a great natural beauty. It is among the ideal holiday destinations in Greece for those who prefer a lavish lifestyle. This cosmopolitan hangout in Peloponnese Greece is only 2,5 hours from Athens by car and very close to Spetses, the famous Argosaronic island. Porto Heli attracts celebrities of an international caliber, who have built their luxury villas in Porto Heli and its surroundings.

Excursions around Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a famous luxury resort: Greek and international celebrities, businessmen even the prince of Holland,Wilhem Alexander has built their luxury villas in the area. Consequently, if you’re planning to spend your luxury villa holidays in Porto Heli Greece, make sure you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy another luxury: to visit several points of interest near Porto Heli, since the location has a rich history stretching back to ancient Greece.

The village Kilada: Even if you choose to stay a villa in Porto Heli, do not forget to visit the picturesque village Kilada, known for its famous shrimp, famous shipyards, and beautiful cave Franchthi. Here, he found the oldest in the Greek area human skeleton, age 10.000-8.000 years.

Agios Emilianos: Around 4km southeast of Porto Heli, you can find AgiosEmilianos with a picturesque little church standing out and an imposing view to Spetses. Either you are moving by car or you’re on foot, make sure you discover the beautiful surroundings and swim in the crystal clear waters of sandy beaches. You will also be impressed by the luxury villas owned by Greek and international celebrities.

Ermioni: It’s a beautiful seaside town, around 15 minutes from Porto Heli. The location of Ermioni is very convenient for day trips to Epidaurus, Hydra and Nafplion. With its tranquil environment and lush green surroundings, Ermioni was particularly known, in the 5th century BC for its production of royal purple derived from the murex sea snail that was used for the production of royal clothing. In the wide region of Ermioni, also visit the Monastery of Agioi Anargyri which is popular for its Byzantine frescoes as well as the spring waters.  You can also take a boat and pass across the beautiful island of Dokos. Make sure you visit the imposing Katafiki canyon as well, five kilometers northwest of Ermioni.

Kranidi: Just 7 km from Porto Heli you will find Kranidi: The neoclassical houses, narrow streets, windmills with colored roofs and the pine forest of St. Anne will amaze you.

Spetses and Hydra: Without second thoughts, take the boat from Porto Heli and discover by yourself why these two islands are considered the “diamonds” of the Saronic Gulf.

The ancient theater of Epidaurus: Located about an hour by car, you may find yourself in a small town where you can see the ancient theater of Epidaurus, a world class attraction. Grab the opportunity to see the majestic open space and a work of ancient Greek literature during the Epidaurus Festival that takes place every summer.

Nafplion and Mycenae:  If you drive approxiamtely 1,5 hours from Porto Heli you will get yourselves to Nafplion and Mycenae, two destinations certainly worth your visit. Nafplion, which used to be the first official capital of Greece back in 1828 has an intense medieval atmosphere and is among one of the most beautiful towns in mainland Greece. If you have time, make sure you spend at least a day in Mycenae as well, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Mycenae gave its name to an entire civilization, theMycenaean civilization, which flourished from about 1600 to 1100 BC.

Best beaches to swim 

Chrissi Akti (Golden Beach): Beautiful sandy beach, located just opposite of the island of Spetses, 4 km away from Porto Heli, Ag. Emilianos.

Porto Heli beach:  In the Porto Heli bay, you can enjoy your carefree swim in the homonym sandy beach or do your favorite water sport.

The Ververonta Lake: Located 5 km from Porto Heli, Ververonta Lake is ideal for water sports. The locals believe that its water has medical properties.

The beach of Hinitsa: Awarded the Blue Flag for its crystal clear waters, this beach is located between Costa and Porto Heli. It offers a wonderful view of the island of Hinitsa.

The beach of Kosta: Around 4.5 km southeast from Porto Heli, you will find the beach of Kosta which will grant you with a magnificent view of Spetses. It’s also awarded the blue flag for its clear waters. In the prestigious area of Kosta, many luxury villas have been built the recent years.

The beach of Kounoupi: A sandy beach with a splendid view to the island of Kounoupi.

Limanakia: In a close distance to Porto Heli, southeast of Agios Emilianos, you can find this beautiful sandy beach.

Chrissi Akti: Located at the opposite side of Spetses in Agio Emiliano, make sure you visit the beach Chrissi Akti.

Activities and sports

Water sports enthusiasts will be able to try water skiing, wind surfing, diving (some takes place near the ancient city of Fishermen known for the processing of purple, its olive oil and wine, atBouzeika site) and also sailing at the beaches of Ververonda, Agios Emilianos, Hinitsa, Limanakia, Kostoula and Kosta.

In Limanakia and Hinitsa, there are outdoor courts available for tennis. In Hinitsa you will also find a court for Mini soccer. In Costa will also find a Beach Volley court. Cycling is ideal in this beautiful place and if you do not have your own bike you can rent one.

Excursions to nearby villages and beaches will fascinate you. You can take a water taxi and visit the islands of Spetses, Hydra, Ermioni, Kranidi, Nafplion, Corinthos, Mycenae, the Theatre of Epidaurus and Lemonodassos (lemon grove). There are also daily cruises to other coastal areas.

Fishing is also allowed without any special permit required. Porto Heli is known as a cosmopolitan place with numerous bars and clubs giving it a lively nightlife. Every year, on the last Sunday of Mardi Gras, the spectacular carnival of Porto Heli is celebrated with lots of music and food.


Staying in a villa in Porto Heli, the beautiful scenery and a visit at the local taverns and restaurants will satisfy even the most demanding guest. Also for fish dishes and fine risotto, you can visit Spyrantreas at the port of Ermioni.

A famous fish restaurant in Porto Heli is “Papadia”. Its delicious dishes have made this restaurant very popular, attracting famous businessmen, actors and celebrities of an international caliber.On the walls of the restaurant, you will recognize famous businessmen, actors and celebrities who made their passage from Papadia.

If you like to have your dinner in a value for money restaurant, a very good choice is the restaurant – cafe “Ola ta kala”, located at the right side of the port of Porto Heli. An affordable restaurant which has recently become very popular due to its special French cuisine is the restaurant “Maryvonne”, located in the village of Iliokastro 20 km away from Porto Heli, is quite famous with its gourmet dishes and affordable prices.


By car: The distance from Athens to Porto Heli is 172km (estimated time of travel: 2,5 hours).

Ferries: The trip from Piraeus to Porto Heli by boat about 2 hours. There are no normal ferries doing their itinerary, only hydrofoils, which mean that no cars are allowed to board the ferry. From the small port of Costa, near Porto Heli, there are boats to Spetsesisland. These boats are local and very regular, usually every 30 minutes.

By plane: you can also reach Porto Heli by the International airport of Athens and then by taking a car.

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