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Discover the island of the Knights


Cosmopolitan and traditional, timeless and modern. Where they meet the sea routes of the Aegean and the coast of the Middle East, the island of the legendary Colossus, will captivate your senses and invites you to explore its hidden treasures. Emerald beaches, glorious history of 2500 years, green landscapes, an amazing old city- jewelry, cobbled streets, ruins of ancient temples, colors and fragrances, create a series of continuous surprises and discoveries at the largest island of Dodecanese.


Invaluable like an old wine…

The mythical island of colors is a challenge and extends far beyond the famous Faliraki. The magical atmosphere that exudes the old town when night falls, invites you to get lost in the stone streets and the ruins of castles and houses with flowered balconies, fountains and squares, by creating a medieval setting that promises to captivate you. An intricate mix of different worlds comes out from different historical periods, with dominant neo-Gothic, Arab and Venetian influences. Enchanted you will listen the echoes, you will lock out time and create your own movie scene.

Worth seeing 

The Old Town 

Getting lost here is not a defeat; it’s an opportunity. There are roughly 200 streets or lanes that simply have no name. It’s a thrill to behold. The Street of the Knights is one of the best preserved and most delightful medieval relics in the world.


The next best thing of the island, crowned by an impressive Castle that over the years turned into a fortress, it is illuminated at night by creating a very romantic atmosphere.

The Valley of the Butterflies 

In the western side of the island, lies the Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes). This is one of the most attractive destinations on the island. During August, thousands of butterflies overwhelm the valley in order to reproduce.

The Seven Springs 

One of the most charming destinations on Rhodes, Seven Springs offers a cool, magical landscape, a real oasis, even in the heat of high summer, swamped in greenery. Waters come out from the springs all year around, which end up in a small lake.

The Villages of Rhodes 

Browse through traditional villages and discover hidden treasures. Embonas with famous wines, Saint Isidore still living in the 60s, the Asclepius with the Byzantine church, Eleousa with Venetian buildings and taverns are only a few of what you can see.

Αrchaeological sites

Υou must not leave the island without visiting the famous Kamiros and Ialysos. The first, known as the Pompeii of Greece, fascinated with the ancient market and the Doric temple, while the second stands for ruins, ancient Necropolis, the Acropolis and the Temple of Athena.

Sunset in the Hill of Monte Smith

If you are lovers of antiquity walks, then a walk to Monte Smith is imposed. The best time to climb the Hill is in the afternoon, as the view to the sea and to the city is magnificent. Enjoy the sunset and live a sensational experience.

The Medieval castles 

The Monolith is perhaps the most impressive fortress of Rhodes. It was built by Master d ‘Aubusson in 1476 on a cliff facing the imperious Sea. The medieval castle of Kritinia that marries the Byzantine to the medieval style and the castle of the Knights of Asclepius with the cisterns and the great wall, is a must of constitute points of the history of the island.

Swim in turquoise beaches


According to the locals this is the best beach of the island, just 11 km from Lindos. Golden sand, turquoise waters and well hidden treasures under the “hot” Greek sun.


Fine sand, clear blue waters and towering cliffs that create an idyllic setting in one of the most popular organized beaches.


It is a small, captivating beach with golden sand and clear turquoise waters, which still houses and tents in front of the caves on the edge. Adjacent taverns guarantee that you will never miss your water, nor treats.

The famous Faliraki 

A paradise for adrenaline lovers of water sports, bungee jumping, while having also one of the largest Aqua parks in the Mediterranean. The intense nightlife and alcohol flowing abundantly available, have highlighted to be first in the preferences of the locals and the tourists.


A paradise for surfers at the southern of the island. The narrow strip of sand, which in winter is covered by waves, summer is revealed, creating a calm beach for diving and a stormy surf, in a unique landscape.

Agios Pavlos

It is certainly one of the most exotic beaches of the Aegean Sea, with its turquoise waters and small sandy beach starting blocks for diving.


If you feel the need to isolate yourself for a while, here you will find your paradise. Fine, white pebbles and crystal clear waters compose a landscape of untouched natural beauty that invites you to discover.


The extremely long and large beach of Afandou is located 19 km south of Rhodes town. The village lies around the natural bay. The beach is made of sand and pebbles. It is relatively crowded during the high season and most importantly it receives many windsurfing lovers. Its deep, clear sparkling waters are ideal for swimming and remain quite fresh even under the hot sun.



There are many opportunities to go sailing, and rented boats of all sizes, thus managing to find beaches that are only accessible from the sea. Thanks to its proximity to both the “Micronesia” in the Dodecanese, and the open sea of ​​the Levant, Rhodes is considered a paradise for sailors.

Windsurfing/ Kitesurfing

Rhodes is one of the top destinations worldwide for windsurfing and kitesurfing, as fanatical surfers believe that Prasonis is one of the few places on the planet where conditions at the same time create different wind and wave options.

4×4 Routes

The island has an extensive off road network suitable for routes with 4×4. Feel the experience of exchange emotions and images with beautiful landscapes alternate to moments of tension and adventure.


The island of the Knights is among the first places in the country that are organized with golf facilities of international standards. The large stadium remains in operation throughout the year, by inviting you to experience new sports.


A great solution to discover trails, paths and streets that otherwise you could not go. The features of the island include enormous rocks, large caves, reefs, wrecks and rich underwater life, offering many exciting dive sites.


Turks, Venetians, Franks, until the Italians, the first half of the 20th century, gave their position in what we now call the cuisine of Rhodes. Despite the influences however, Rhodes maintained its Mediterranean identity. During your stay on the island of the Knights do not forget to try local specialties such as the Rhodian “pitaroudia”, the “kolokoudi” (pumpkin) in the oven, the “karavolous” (snails in tomato sauce with plenty of onions and cumin or oatmeal), entree with meat and vegetables, goat in pydiako (narrow and tall earthenware pot) and “spetsofai” and hen with Turkish delight (a kind of pasta).

The lead holding the famous “melekounia” like pastels, and excellent is the fragrant “ritseli” a special jam made with grape, dried figs, quince and cesium. The “moschopougkia” (almond crescents, flavored with rose water), and the sweet cream from milk crust sprinkled with sugar, promise to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

In “Horizon” in Psinthos you will find a balcony with magnificent sea views, tucked away on a hill, where you can taste exquisite stews, culminating in the traditional rooster with noodles. In «Capricci» perhaps the best trattoria of the island, you can taste unique recipes with a fragrance of… Italy.

In «Marco Polo» in Old City, you will taste the finest Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in a green terrace with views.

From the tasty must Rhodes, is the “Miracle in Time” in New City that offers Mediterranean, Scandinavian and Asian flavors, the «Golden Olympiade Peridis» in Old City for excellent international cuisine, while the “Mavrikos in Lindos is the new trend in gourmet Greek cuisine.

If you are a fan of seafood, the “Tavern of Nikos” in the city of Rhodes and the «Alexis 4 Seasons» in the Old Town, are very good choices.

Rhodes is famous for its intense nightlife, so the options for fun are endless. Go to the classical bar district Miltiadou Street in Old Town and have fun at the “Colorado and “Mod” in New Town, or at “Taj Mahal” in Ixia and Lindian House” in Lindos.


There are several ways to get to Rhodes by air or boat. Almost daily itineraries from the port of Piraeus with stops on the islands of Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos and Kos, while the trip lasts about 12 hours. There are also ferry connections to other islands of the Dodecanese and Crete. From Athens and the “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport there are daily direct air connections with scheduled flights by Olympic Airways, Aegean Airlines and Ryanair. The International Airport “Diagoras” Rhodes is located near Paradisi village, about 16 kilometers southwest of the homonymous capital of the island and is also served by many charter flights to and from all over Europe and several destinations in the Middle East. From Rhodes also flown to Kos, Karpathos, Kastellorizo, Mykonos, Santorini, Heraklion and Thessaloniki, which means that if you wish you can continue your holiday to another Greek island.

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