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The cosmopolitan island of Sporades


With more than sixty beaches for every taste, nature walks through the pines and a captivating city for walking, the green Skiathos charms even the most demanding guests. Rightly called the “diamond” of the Aegean, Skiathos invites you to enter the climate. Cosmopolitan and ideal for sailors and for those who require high quality vacation, measuring fans from around the world. The convenient location, just a few hours from the port of Volos or Agios Konstantinos, undoubtedly make it the queen of the Sporades.

The “diamond” of the Aegean

The recent years, Skiathos is considered as one of the most cosmopolitan islands because many celebrities choose it for their summer holidays, while the movie “Mama Mia” that was shot here gave it a little more sparkle of Hollywood. The beauty of Skiathos is spread everywhere, as if it were a novel by Alexandros Papadiamantis the important Greek writer, who came from the island. You will love Skiathos because it is full of vitality, as long as you will fall in love with the turquoise beaches. Entering the port, you are welcomed by Bourtzi: a pine-wood islet that is home to the ruins of a Venetian fortress, built in the 13th century. Across the way, island’s Hora spreads along the landscape like an amphitheatre. You will love the island of romance, while at night Skiathos transforms into a party animal!

What to see

Koukounaries and lake Strofilia: An endless, golden sandy beach, which has been described as the most natural of the Mediterranean. It is embraced by a dense pine forest, behind which is Lake Strofilias, a unique habitat that is home to a variety of rare birds.

Bourtzi: Entering the port, you are welcomed by Bourtzi: a pine-wood islet that is home to the ruins of a Venetian fortress, built in the 13th century.

The Castle: Castle (or Kastro in Greek) is located on the northern part of the island. It was built in the 14th century to protect the locals from pirates. Today, its mystical allure is captivating.

Alexandros Papadiamantis House: This important writer grew up and died in this house, which was built by his father in 1860, as stated in the inscription on a wall. It is generally a simple, austere island house that has been converted into a museum.

The monastery of Evangelistria: The stone walls look like a monastery on Mount Athos. Located on the northeastern tip of Skiathos, it has been there since 1794.

The watchtower: Find the circular building at Pyrgi, hidden in oak and let your imagination run wild on whether it is a Venetian tower or a pagan altar …

The caves: The island has many sea caves and hidden secrets which are waiting to be discovered.

Papadiamanti Street: This is the main meeting point every night that is full of life. Cafes, bars, stylish restaurants, and traditional tavernas are sure to lure you in.

Dive in the blue beaches

Turquoise waters, golden beaches and shade trees that almost touch the waves, are the main characteristics of the most beaches in Skiathos. The organized are in the south and southeast of the island, while in the north you will discover the most “wild” and desert.

Lalaria: The wonderful beach that made Skiathos famous worldwide. Turquoise waters, white pebbles and cliffs, make a dreamy setting.

-Megali Ammos: One of the most frequented beaches. Located outside of the city, it is organized, with many taverns and choices for water sports.

Vasilias: This picturesque beach has taken its name from the Byzantine era. It is a beautiful sandy beach in the southwest, well organized and offering guests all the comforts.

Vromolimnos: The beach usually attracts young people. However, it is famous for its ideal weather conditions, while it’s protected from the north winds. Beside the sea there are taverns and cafes.

Banana: The famous beaches of Banana (and former nudist beach), comprise the Small Banana and Big Banana. Here, you will find many options for water sports and specially for windsurfing.

Agia Eleni: It is usually preferred by families because of the tranquility it offers. Located in the west of Skiathos, it is the ideal choice if you want to get away for a while from the crowds.

Aselinos: The imposing landscape of the north combines a coarse sand with pebbles, deep crystal waters and unexploited tourist coast. Nearby there is one tavern, in case you need to obtain food.

Mandraki: This is one of the most calm beaches located in the western coast of the island, 15 km west of Skiathos Town. It is a very well-known beach gifted by the nature for its crystal clear waters and the unspoiled views. It is not organized and has no tourist facilities.


Water sports: Most beaches in Skiathos feature well-equipped water sports schools. Indicatively, you can try: banana, wind surfing, kanoe kayak, pedal boats and much more.

Diving: The island has many underwater paradises. Reefs, Posidonia or even old wrecks in the area are some of the destinations that will remain unforgettable.

Sailing: The surrounding sea area of Sporades, Pelion and North Evia is full of landscapes of incredible natural beauty and are ideal for this activity.

Fishing: Fishing will give you total relaxation or excitement. Undoubtedly, the island is the ideal place for this and offers many good locations to fish.

Hiking: The island has much more to offer besides beautiful beaches. It is the only island in the North Sea and probably in Greece, which has 25 hiking trails, total length of 197 km for lovers of nature.

Horse riding: Horse riding in Skiathos is a very enjoyable experience as treks pass through nice forests and lead to beaches and old sightseeing.

Mountain bike: Bicycling through Skiathos mountains, paths will refuel your batteries and lead you to some of the most amazing landscapes you have ever seen.


The island is famous for its excellent local honey, which you should definitely must try. It also has production of high quality olive oil and tsipouro (a local drink). Traditional sweets are must and the local pies, too. Do not forget to try the famous Alypiako Wine and “white” are also the local sweets with almonds. It is also a good choice to taste some of the traditional dishes of local cuisine, such as angler stew, octopus with mousse split peas and crayfish with cabbage.

Windmill Restaurant: Probably the best restaurant on the island. Climb to the highest point of the city and you will find the renovated windmill of 1880. The cuisine of the gourmet dishes and views of the harbor will reward you.

Kanapitsa: Try the local dishes from the hands of Mrs. Litsa with emphasis on seafood and stews. The local pie and the greek saganaki with eggplant, feta, tomato and peppers are must choices.

Marmita: In a narrow slash of Papadiamantis street, you will find yourself in a beautiful courtyard of an old mansion, where you can taste Greek cuisine with creative touches.

The Borzoi: This club epoch in the 70s and 80s, made a dynamic comeback as a club-restaurant in 2015. At the heart of the country, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and unique cocktails. Later in the evening you can join the club for a drink and dance all night long.

En plo: With magnificent views and unique decor that will make you think you’re in a cruise ship deck, this restaurant will impress you immediately. Do not forget to try refined fish soup, linguini with clams and shrimp in shells juice and also the famous T-Bone.

Slip Inn / Cassablanca: At the old port, you can enjoy special coffee, great views and fabulous cocktails while sittin on comfortable cushions.


Skiathos is one of the four inhabited islands of Sporades complex, the other three being Skyros, Skopelos and Alonissos. It’s quite close to mainland Greece, only a few kilometres on the east of Mount Pelion in central Greece. You can fly to Skiathos on the daily scheduled flights of Olympic Airlines from Athens all year long. There are also numerous charter flights coming in the island in the summer season from European cities like London, Manchester, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, Milan, Oslo, Trontheim, Stavanger, Stockholm, Goeteborg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Belgrade. The alternatives to a plane trip are the ferry boats, the hydrofoils and the “Flyingcats”, leaving from Agios Constantinos (165 km from Athens) and Volos (321 km from Athens or 204 km from Thessaloniki) ports, connecting Skiathos also with Skopelos and Alonissos two more of the Sporades islands chain.

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