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The classy “lady” of Cyclades


Once Greece’s most important port, Syros still has the air of a classy capital. Nostalgic for the refinements of yesteryear, looking for a holiday with the quality and elegance of the good old days? Then Syros is the island for you. Built on two hills, the main town has a dual identity. The contrasts blend attractively, from the marble-paved squares in the port to the fairy-tale mansions of De la Gracia. This is a place you could live in all year round, there are many things to do and that’s why many people have chosen it for their holidays, since it’s the capital of the Cyclades. If you are looking for a cosmopolitan destination not far from Athens, Syros is tailored to your needs. Here you will not see white houses with blue windows, but neoclassical mansions with marble on the stairs and colored sills that exude an air of another era.

Romantic and bohemian

The neoclassical buildings with authentic Cycladic touches like Ermoupolis, Agios Nikolaos, Miaoulis Square and wonderful captain on the sea, compose a beautiful neighborhood that invites you to explore. You will enjoy walks and views from Ano Syros, you will walk in picturesque streets and climb 1,000 steps to the top of the hill and learn all about the pride of the island. Apart from Ermoupoli, you will discover the stately  De la Graciawhich today is called Poseidonia.

What to see 

 Miaoulis Square: It is the heart of Ermoupolis. Goes without saying it’s the meeting point for locals and visitors, a place where you can also have a night walk. Beautiful buildings, creations of the 19th century are all around the square. The most majestic one is the City Hall, built in 1898 by Ernest Chiller, that has a gorgeous staircase, 15, 5 meters in width.

Town Hall: Its particular architecture combines the vibe of the classical ancient Greece with the Romanticism of the West and its general style belongs to the neoclassical architectural style, evidently influenced by the German and Italian architects.

Church of Resurrection: The wonderful Church of Resurrection was built in 1870 on top of Vrodado Hill, above Ermoupolis and offers a terrific view of the neighbouring islands of Tinos and Mykonos.

Ano Syros: In a walking distance from Ermoupolis, Ano Syros is the highest quarter of Ermoupolis, the capital of the island. The two towns gradually expand to become one. Ano Syros distinguishes for its elegant architecture and the nice sea view.

Vaporia: The district Vaporia, is perhaps the most beautifularea of the island. It is built by the sea, with wonderful captain that seem to hang over the rocks. Here lived the richest people of Syros.


Hiking: Hiking enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience unique hikes during their stay in Syros and explore some of the unspoiled landscape and archaeological interest sites of the  northern side of the island.

Casino: A visit to Casino in Syros is totally necessary! With two fully equipped halls, it’s one of the most famous casinos that Greece has to offer.

Diving: Those who love diving will be blown away by the paradise that they will discover in Syros! Its splendorous bays, coves, sea caves and rock formations await diving enthusiasts to explore them to the fullest extent.

Water sports: Water sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy a little of the extreme, have an abundance of options to choose from in Syros.

Riding: Browse the most scenic trails and enjoy a relaxing nature walk on the horses.

Top Beaches

Syros maybe it’s not so famous for the beaches it offers, but it is sure that you will find some blue spots to dive.

Vari: One of the most popular beaches. The small enclosed bay and shallow waters are ideal for young children. It is fully organized and offers facilities for many kinds of water sports. –

Galissa: Golden sand and blue waters that offer protection from the sun. It is fully equipped and is ideal for those wishing to engage in water sports.

Agkathopes: One of the most frequented beaches of Syros in the southwest of the island, near the Poseidonia. It is well organized, with golden sand and shallow waters and boasts a narrow strip of land that enters the sea.

MegasGialos: It is located in the southern part of the island and is a seaside village between the settlements of Vari and Poseidonia. The long sandy beach attracts crowds in the summer who choose the area for carefree moments under the sun. In the wider area, however, you will find some other smaller beaches.

Foinikas: Just 11km from Ermoupoli, you’ll come across the beach in Foinikas Village, located in the southwestern part of the island. This beach has plenty to offer in the likes of sporting and recreational facilities, and local businesses, but that’s not all. Prepare to be captivated by its golden sands and turquoise waters.


You must, before leaving the island, try the local loukoumi and louza (traditional Cycladic pork snack from sirloin marinated in red wine with pepper, allspice, clove and cinnamon), hot kopanisti and pastelaries (dried figs with nut).

Vaporia: You will taste daily pies, carpaccio of beetroot and sour cream cheese in sesame crust, while in the evening you can enjoy a cocktail in the small bar.

Archontariki of Maritsa: Do not forget to make a stop at this tavern, simply because Maritsa cooks traditional cuisine with many dishes and strange names.

Allou Yialou: In Kini -a pretty fishing village of the island-there is one of the best taverns. Try minnows on paper, mussels with retsina (local wine), the crispy shrimp in a paper cone, the seafood pasta, and the lobster pasta, while enjoying the sunset.

Plakostroto: After walking a lot and spend the settlement of Ano Syros, just stop to admire the scenery. Then, keep walking until you find a special place that will reward you with both the flavors and the views offered. Try the eggplant in clay, goat in parchment paper, pork with beef in a pot, and the wine sauce pork with fennel.


You can travel to Syros by plane or ferry. There are daily flights to Syros from Athens, while ferry connections with other islands and ports are also good. There are ferries to Syros from Piraeus, the main port of Athens, every day. In summer season, there are also ferries to Syros from the port of Rafina, the closest port to Athens international airport. As Syros is located centrally in the Aegean Sea, it serves has ferry connections with many other islands of the Aegean Sea, such as Mykonos, Andros, Tinos, Ikaria, Lesvos and more. The airport of Syros is small and does not get very busy. It serves daily domestic flights from Athens and the flight time is 40 min. The small airport of Syros is located 2 km from Ermoupolis, the main town of the island.

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