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The “holy” island of the Cyclades


Amazing beaches, beautiful villages and unforgettable food. The miracle of Tinos isn’t only the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, which gave the island its fame. It’s the wild beauty that excites you: rocks eroded by the wind, beaches with deep blue water, Cycladic villages that climb up the hillsides. Tinos is much more of what you have in your mind. Just a breath away from the cosmopolitan Mykonos, it promises authentic Cycladic flavor, but also the luxury of empty beaches. Arriving at the port of Tinos, the first image that draws attention is the enlightened church of Panagia. A thousand more miracles are just waiting to be discovered here.

Villages forgotten in another era 

The real beauty, however, lies in the villages, which in majority seem forgotten in another era. The tower holds the reputation of perhaps the most beautiful village, being essentially an open-air museum of traditional architecture. Kardiani is still a necessary stop just outside the town, in the heart of a lush landscape full of trees and running water, while known Volax is the small medieval village with otherworldly cliffs that have made it famous around the world. Do not forget to walk through the cobbled streets of whitewashed Love and enjoy the picturesque arches, traditional houses, the marble fountains, natural springs and flowing waters.

Explore deep blue beaches 

The beaches of Tinos are one of the strong points of the island. Thirty nine in total, which have nothing to envy from the cosmopolitan beaches of Cyclades.

Agios Sostis: Turquoise waters, overlooking Delos and Mykonos, which exudes a cosmopolitan air.

ApiganiaFor many this beach is the most beautiful of the island, you have to visit in order to swim in deep blue waters.

KolymbithraThe most famous beach of Tinos, which is divided in two. In sheltered part, you will find sun beds and azure waters, while at the other part you will see surfers doing extreme sports.

Agios FokasOne of the biggest and best organized beaches. It is located near the town and offers a huge and fabulous sandy beach.

Marathia BeachIt is close to the country and has one of the best beach bars on the island, offering free sun beds.

Livada The ideal beach to avoid the crowds and being isolated by diving from the rocks.

Laouti (Skiladar Beach) A beach ideal for children with shallow waters. It combines a clean sea with fine sandy beach and it is suitable for water sports.

Agios MarkosThe proper beach to enjoy swimming at the days Tinos is flooded with air.

What to see 

Τhe church of EvangelistriaThe church of Virgin Mary Megalochari is the protector of all Greece. It hosts a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary and it is thought the most important religious monument in Greece. Every August, thousands of pilgrims come for pilgrimage in this church.

Sanctuary of PoseidonThe remains of this large Sanctuary of Poseidon and the sea nymph Amphitrite date from the 4th century, but the sanctuary itself was much older.

Dovecotes Traditional dovecotes are located all over the island of Tinos. They look like tiny fortresses and have geometrical patterns.

Ursulines Monastery In the exhibitional rooms of the monastery, there are laboratories of physics, chemistry, painting, music, photographs and personal items of the students.

Museum of Tinian Artists It hosts work of famous local painters and sculptors. In fact, Tinos is famous for its long tradition in marble sculpture.

Jesuit Monastery It is an important religious centre on Tinos. The monastery hosts an interesting folklore museum and a rich library.

Archaeological Museum It’s located on Megalocharis Ave, on the way to the church of Virgin Mary. It includes findings from excavations all over the island and mostly from the ancient temples of Demeter and of Poseidon.


Water SportsJet ski, parasailing, canoe, surf, water ski are among your choices if you really want to enjoy speed and high summer emotions.

Hiking / JoggingThe beach of Agios Fokas is a huge beach, approximately 2 klm, with alterations of sand and pebbles. It is definitely a great place to enjoy hiking or early morning jogging!

SUPThe latest trend to keep your shape, while doing a sea sports, is SUP. Υou will find the necessary equipment at many of the beaches of Tinos Island.

DivingThe Aegean Sea’s depths are a world worth exploring. Either you are experienced or an amateur, after a small introduction, you will be able to dive and admire the underwater beauties.

RidingIt is really great to enjoy the beauty of the Aegean Sea or the magnificence of the sunset by jumping on a horse and do an afternoon stroll by the beach.


The local “agkinaraki” (small artichoke), the sun-dried tomatoes, cheeses and sausages, are among the most famous products of Tinos. Before you leave, make sure to try macaroons, local thyme honey, fish, and glykotyropitakia xerotigano (a famous local dish).

 Itan ena mikro karaviIn the old harbor of the island, there is a green courtyard serving “tweaked” Greek flavors. Wild artichokes, ravioli and pork neck are some of the must have dishes to try.

San to AlatiBehind the beach of Agios Fokas, you will try the best fried kalamari of the island, in a tavern with remarkable decoration.

The Koutouki of Helen In a special tavern in town, try homemade “mezedes” (like marathotiganites) and local specialties such as loutza (type of sausage) and exquisite seafood.

Mpourou In a “handmade” tavern in Kionia, enjoy home-cooked dishes, and fresh seafood on the beautiful terrace. In the highlights, among the pork in a pot with orange and apple, are also the shrimp pasta.

LoocoomadesTry fantastic traditional donuts with hazelnut praline or with some other variants in one of the most beautiful places of the island.

 Kentrikon (Central)Here, you eat one of the finest local deserts called “galaktoboureko” (custard filled pastry) under a huge and majestic tree.

Kaktos Enjoy your drink in an amphitheater bar just outside the town, among real, huge cactus and admire the wonderful view.


The only way to travel to Tinos is by ferry. There are ferries to Tinos from both ports of Piraeus and Rafina, the two largest ports in Attica. There is no airport on the island of Tinos. The closest airport is in Mykonos, which gets very busy in summer. Mykonos receives many domestic flights from Athens all year round, while in summer season there are also charters and international flights arriving on the island. From Mykonos, visitors can take the daily ferry to Tinos. The ferry trip is about 30 min.

The ferry trip from Piraeus to Tinos is 5 hours while the trip from Rafina to Tinos is about 3 hours. These ferries also connect Tinos with many other islands of Cyclades, including Andros, Mykonos and Syros. The port of Tinos is also connected with the nearby Cyclades like Paros, Naxos, Ios, Amorgos, Kea, Kimolos, Milos, Koufonisia, Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Santorini, and also with Patras and Thessaloniki. If you travel from abroad you will arrive in Athens through the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” and then from Piraeus you can take the ship to Tinos.

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