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Love at first sight with nature


Stone built streets, chimneys steaming, green or red trees-depending on the season- crystal rivers and mysterious paths away from “civilization”, compose a scene that transcends the imagination even of tales. It’s a pure and seductive holiday destination for all seasons. You’ll discover its beauty walking along the Vikos Gorge, staring up at the Astrakas Mountain peak, listening to the rumble of the Voidamatis River and admiring impressive Mt Timfi. Zagori consists of 46 villages, which are connected by mountain roads and traditional arched stone bridges. The spectacular geology and incredible natural beauty, will impress you!

What to see

If you choose to travel to Zagori, there is always something new to explore among so many villages.

Kolimbithres Papigo: Around 500 m. before arriving at Small Papigo, you’ll see the stream of Rogovo and a wooden sign that informs you about Kolimbithres (their name means baptismal font). At this point the stream becomes narrow and looks like a small gorge. The sight is beautiful and you can continue off the footpath for another 10 minutes. However, the verticality and slipperiness of the walls of this small canyon will not allow you to walk further.  During the summer months you can swim or relax in one of the fonts (alone or with company, depending on the size of the font). They say that even Ali Pasha of Ioannina enjoyed swimming there.

Voidomatis River:Voidomatis River rises in Vikos gorge and follows an impressive waterway wreathed with age-long plane trees that border its bed and traditional stone bridges over the waters.

Archaeological sites: There are many archaeological sites of great cultural significance to visit, while the history loverswill be impressed by the foundings of archaeologists.

Lakes: Other small or larger, will impress you with their excellent location and the beautiful wildlife that surrounds them. -Volta The picturesque streets: It is worth to walk on scenic paths and imagine how people lived then, but also to admire the breathtaking views.


Zagori will surprise you with the diversity of activities that can be found there! It is the ideal place for those who want tranquility and relaxation, but also a lively active day!

Hiking trails: You will have the opportunity to see many landscapessuch as Valia Calda, the Vikos Gorge, MikroPapigo, the DrakolimniSmolikas and more. The term Tymfi altitude 2,497 meters and a marked path to the cross, makes it even easier to access.

Rafting: Τhelovers of this particular sport -as well as the beginners- will be able to live a unique rafting experience on Voidomatis River, but they will have to reach Epirus region first.

Road Trips: Many small and long runs can be enjoyed in your car! You can mix into your day several destinations to manage to see as many pretty villages as you can.


You will find excellent local products, used to prepare traditional dishes! At Zagori the dairy products are at their best, as you will be able to taste local cheese, yogurt, sour milk and fresh butter. The pies, will impress you as the secret of the recipe is transferred from generation to generation and thus kept the old traditional recipe.Since Zagori comprises many small mountains, buy and taste excellent mountain tea, mint and oregano!

Do not forget to taste traditional dishes, available in almost all taverns! Flour pie or kasiopita, Ioannina pie, meat pie and soup with trachana (traditional greek pasta). One of the most unique restaurants in Zagori, is located at the village ofPapigo, the restaurant ” Astra ”, where you can taste fresh delicious dishes with fresh and local ingredients. At Vitsa, a village just below Papigo,you will find the tavern ” Kanela and Garyfallo ’’ where it offers delicious mushrooms you will love.

At village Dilofo, visit the tavern ‘’Lithos’’, where the special atmosphere and the view it offers, attracts every visitor! At village Kipi go to the restaurant ”Margarites”where you can enjoy excellent tastes. It is located at the center of the village and offers amazing desserts! The restaurant ‘’Mikri Arktos’’is located at thevillage Tsepelovo and is another restaurant that is added to our list, because the traditional food will amaze you!


You can reach Zagori by driving from Athens. The trip lasts about seven hours as it is about 500 km away. From Thessaloniki Zagori is 327 km away and the journey takes 4 hours. Zagori comprises many small and large villages, and as the distances between them are small, the access is easier. The Zagori area can be served by the airport of Ioannina. From Athens the flight lasts 1 hour and 5 minutes, and then the area of Zagori is only one hour away!

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.